Three Compelling Reasons Why Every Home Needs A Portable Generator

The vast majority of today’s homes are connected to the electrical grid rather than being independently powered by alternative energy sources like solar or wind. During a power outage, most homes in the affected area are left without access to electricity. This can create a number of problems¬† some of which can be life-threatening. One of the most effective ways to get around this problem is by using a standby generator. Here are some of the most compelling reasons why every home should research and invest in a portable generator:

1. Climate Control

Many power outages happen during periods of bad weather. For instance, during the winter, heavy snow can cause tree branches to break, knocking out power lines in the process. Ice storms, heavy winds, and other types of inclement weather can also lead to power outages, including severe outages that not only last for multiple days but also affect large areas.

If these power outages occur when temperatures outside are below freezing, it can be extremely dangerous for people who are unable to heat their homes. Elderly people, young children, and people who suffer from health conditions are particularly susceptible to cold weather. Without heat, there is a very real possibility of freezing to death. A generator helps solve this problem by allowing you to heat your home.

When power outages occur during hot, humid weather, it can also be problematic since air-conditioning is not available. Extremely high temperatures can cause heatstroke, which can be deadly. Again, a generator can help keep your home cool, minimizing these types of temperature-related risks.2. Food Safety

Without power, the food in your refrigerator and freezer will quickly start to spoil. This can lead to problems with food poisoning. With a generator, you can keep your food cool, helping to ensure that it stays safe to eat. This also helps minimize waste since you won’t have to throw away spoiled food after the power outage.

3. Communication

When power outages occur, it is extremely important to stay connected. Unfortunately, without power, access to communication tools like the Internet may be limited. You also may have a difficult time charging your cell phone or other devices. With the help of a generator, you can keep your devices charged so that you can stay informed and connected. While there are battery-powered radios and cell phone chargers available, being able to use a generator to power your devices is always the best option.

As you can see, there are a lot of really important reasons why every homeowner should invest in a portable generator.